Bhoomi Pujan-Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas

Bhoomi Pujan-Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas

On Saturday, March 22nd Dallas, Texas witnessed a divinely blessed event. The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas’ Bhoomi Pujan was a roaring success with more than 700 people in attendance. This auspicious event was graced by divinity from it’s inception to execution. Volunteers put in selfless and herculean efforts to ensure that every aspect of the Bhoomi Pujan flowed smoothly and like clock work. As early afternoon inched upon the sanctified site, beautiful bhajans resounded in the air saturating attendees with immense bliss.

The spiritual and cultural events started with Guru Aarti, and blessings of Shree Maharaj ji were invoked by all present. Punditji’s shloka recitations reverberated at the Bhoomi Pujan site as Bhoomi Pujan rituals were mesmerically performed by Swami Mukundananda and all the Mukhya Yajmans. As Swamiji shoveled the bhoomi he, the attendees and this glorious undertaking were showered with grace. As soon as Swamiji’s shovel touched the bhoomi, there was sudden torrential rain which lasted a few seconds! Witnessing this many devotees eyes welled with tears as they felt the presence and blessings of Shree Maharaj ji.

Swami Mukundananda’s  discourse which followed satiated everyone’s minds and hearts with peace and joy. To add to the festivities and celebrations there were rivetting cultural performances. Local talent of Dallas enthralled the audience with bhajans and dances that included both classical and folk performances. Representatives of various cultural and religious organizations eagerly attended this function and were called upon to actively participate in the Bhoomi Pujan by offering rice and flowers at the Bhoomi Pujan site. Children were kept entertained with a play area that contained fun inflatables, a clown and face painting! All in attendance were treated to a delectable dinner prasad that included a spread of delicious dishes. The children had their own menu which included pizzas and popcorn! Bhoomi pujan souvenirs were also presented to every family that graced this event.

The fragrance of gratitude and exuberance was widespread amongst everyone. The Bhoomi Pujan was a flawless start to the journey that now begins as the construction of God’s resplendent abode commences.

  • stephen stacey
    Posted at 07:43h, 27 December Reply

    Fantastic! Wish I had been there to see it all.

  • Tulasi sahu
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    Posted at 20:26h, 16 May Reply

    The above commentary refreshes the mind of me, the spiritual atmosphere in the presence of Swamiji.
    Thank you, Radhey Radhey!

  • Annapurna
    Posted at 10:44h, 26 May Reply

    Auspicious event. ……,…Radhe Radhe….

  • Manorama
    Posted at 07:55h, 27 May Reply


  • Mike foreignautorepair
    Posted at 21:56h, 13 July Reply

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