Dallas HoliFest: Permanent Color of Devotion

Dallas HoliFest: Permanent Color of Devotion

Dallas HoliFest 2018  is fast approaching and preparations are going on in full swing towards making this event a grand success! At this time when each one of us is caught up with the pomp and splendour of the event,  it becomes important to stay focussed on the the most important aspect of the festival! The very crux of Holi is to anticipate the most important color of the festival, which is the color of devotion! While other colors will be washed away, the color of devotion that we cultivate in this life time will stay on and will become our inheritence in our future life times! Below is a wonderful message from HH Swami Mukundananda ji for all of us to contemplate deeply on.

Message from His Holiness Shree Swami Mukundananda ji

“Happy Holi to everyone!!! While we celebrate this colorful festival, and busy ourselves with coloring our friends, relatives, and neighbors, and in return getting colored by them, let us strive to make this Holi extra special. Let’s aspire to color our hearts in the devotional colors of Shree Radharani and Shree Krishna. 

The Holi colors will last only a few hours, and then we will be determined to wash away all traces of them, else they will appear ugly. But the shades of devotion will leave no ugly stain to be washed away at the earliest, as they will be visible to ourselves alone.

More importantly, the devotional colors will beautify us from within. The stronger they fall on our heart, the cleaner and more resplendent it will become. So, this Holi, let us not just paint ourselves from the outside. Let us pray to God and Guru that they spray us on the inside with the permanent dye of devotion, thereby creating a bright destiny for us for the rest of eternity.”

Rare opportunity to associate with Swamiji in person

Dallas HoliFest 2018 will be a blessed event as the keynote speaker for the event is internationally renowned teacher of yoga, meditation and spirituality, HH Swami Mukundananda ji, who will be shedding light on the significance of the Holi festival in modern world.  Inspiring people of all  backgrounds or faith worldwide, his charisma, wit, humor and simple logic combined with his prestigious educational background has made him a sought after speaker across the globe. Do not miss this rare opportunity to associate with Swamiji in person!

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