Prān Prathishta – Consecration Ceremony of Shree Sita, Ram, & Hanuman Mūrtis

june, 2018

29jun(jun 29)6:00 am03jul(jul 3)6:00 amFeaturedPrān Prathishta - Consecration Ceremony of Shree Sita, Ram, & Hanuman Mūrtis(june 29) 6:00 am - (july 3) 9:00 pm


June 29 (Friday) 6:00 am - July 3 (Tuesday) 9:00 pm

Event Details

Rāma means one who bestows transcendental bliss!

In Tretā Yug, Shabari waited her whole life, and the Ayodhya vāsis waited for fourteen long years for that blissful and felicitous moment to receive Shree Sita Ram. We at the Radha Krishna Temple are blessed to receive the Lord in His captivating forms of Shree Sita Ram this summer, just a year after the grand inaugural ceremony of the temple.

A chance to partake in Shree Sita Ram & Hanuman Prān Pratiṣṭha and the 5-day consecration festivities is a phenomenal experience and opportunity, especially living outside of India.

Our scriptures proclaim that we surround ourselves with boundless love and joy by contemplating on Shree Ram’s splendid form, sublime virtues, delightful pastimes, and glorious names:

राम नाम मनिदीप धरु जीह देहरीं द्वार |
तुलसी भीतर बाहरेहूँ जौं चाहसि उजिआर​ ||
rāma nāma manīdīpa dharu jīha deharī dvāra |
tulasī bhītara bāharehum̐ jauṃ cāhasi ujiyāra ||
(Shree Ramacharitmanas)

Tulasidas says, “if you wish to illumine your inner and outer world, place the jewel-adorned lamp of Shree Ram’s holy name at the doorway of your mouth.”

Even a little attempt to serve Shree Ram, the मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम (Maryāda Purushōtham) cleanses our heart and elevates us to a higher platform. If you wish to engage all your senses in His service, then do not miss this exceptional blessing to participate in these poojas, and derive a real and lasting benefit:


Prān Pratiṣṭha
Witness Shree Sita-Ram-Hanuman mūrtis consecrated and infused with the breath of life.





Participate in the grand coronation ceremony of Shree Ram.





Shree Ram Nām Jap Yagna & Homam
Chant the Lord’s name while offering libations into the fire-altar.





Nagar Yātra
Join the joyous & vibrant musical procession of Shree Sita Ram, & Hanuman.





On the appointed day, at the auspicious time, the kumbha is bathed with the sanctified holy waters from the sanctified kalashās.





12-Hour Akhanda Kirtan, Rāmacaritamānas Chaupāyī, Shree Ram Nām Jap, & Bhajans

As a part of the Prān Pratiṣṭha ceremony, besides the 12-hour akhanda kirtan on July 3rd, we have Rāmacaritamānas chaupāyī pārāyan, Shree Ram nām jap, and bhajan sessions that deepen your spiritual experience. The Vedas reveal that Shree Ram nām is the parama mantra that bestows perennial joy and peace.

रमन्ते योगिनो यस्मिन् नित्यानन्दे चिदात्मनि।
इति राम पदेनाSसौ परब्रह्मभिधीयते।।
ramante yōginōyasmin nityānande cidātmani |
iti rāma padenasau param brahmābhidhīyate ||

(Shree Rāma Purvatāpnniya Upanishad)

“The Parabrahman that is infinite, immeasurable, eternal, and forever blissful, the one whom yogis devote themselves and meditate continuously, that Parabrahman is denoted by the word Rām, on whose enchanted form the yogis meditate and go into raptures.”

Therefore, experience a perfect communion with the sweet Lord while singing along or dancing during these sessions.


Event Schedule – A Mesmerizing, 5-Day Celebrations That Fetch Joy & Peace

The Supreme Lord, in His most enchanting forms as Shree Sita Ram, will be taking residence in the magnificent Radha Krishna Temple on June 29th. We are blessed to invite you for the celebrations that are spread over for four days, from June 29th – July 3rd, 2018.


29 June Fri 30 June Sat 1 July Sun 2 July Mon 3 July Tue
7:30 am – noon

Nagar Yatra


Moorti Swagat


9 am – 9pm Akhand Kirtan
10 am – noon Tan Man Shuddhi Pooja


Pran Pratishta

Raj Bhog

Maha Arti


Maha Annakoot

4 pm – 9 pm


Ram Nam Jap Yagna

Angnyas Pooja

5 pm – 9 pm

Ganesh Pooja

Kalash Pooja

Dhwaja Pooja

Hanuman Chalisa

Ram Bhajan

Ram Bhajan

Ramayan Chaupāyī


Invite your friends and family for these memorable and spiritually enlivening celebrations.


Prān Pratiṣṭha Sponsorship Opportunities

प्रतिमाकृद्विष्णुलोकं स्थापको लीयते हरौ ।
pratimākrud vishnu lokam sthāpako līyatey harou |
(Agni Puran)

“The one who contributes towards establishing God’s pratima attains God’s abode.”

Therefore, become a yajman for Shree Sita Ram, & Hanuman Prān Pratiṣṭha ceremony, and obtain the blessings:

Mukhya Yajman: $10001

Pramukh Yajman: $5001

Yajman: $2500


Participate in these auspicious poojas and fill your heart with joy and peace forever:

Nagar Yatra: $251

Pratham Aarti: $101

Rajyabhishekam: $201


Prasād Sponsorship

Maha Prasad: $401

Breakfast: $201

Fruits, Flowers etc: $101

  • Smita
    Posted at 08:35h, 21 June Reply

    Thank you for providing all the details regarding the major events for this wonderful occasion.

  • Madhuri and Mohan
    Posted at 10:43h, 27 June Reply

    It looks like it will be precedent setting event. Jai Sri Ram!

  • Shashikant
    Posted at 10:05h, 30 June Reply

    Happy to see photos. Sorry not to attend because of We are in Houston..
    JSK and Jay Shree Rāma
    Shashikant and Kusum

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