Grand Inauguration Ceremony Awes One & All!

Grand Inauguration Ceremony Awes One & All!

The Radha Krishna Temple would like to thank everyone who participated in the grand 8 day inauguration ceremony! Energized by spiritual vibrations and infused with life, the divine Murtis of Shree Radha and Shree Krishna have taken residence in their magnificent abode. For generations to come, this divine abode will be a cocoon for one and all to walk  into, in whatsoever mood they may be, surrender their insecurities at the feet of the divine and  walk out feeling rejuvenated by divine vibrations.

July 4th:

The Eight day long inauguration ceremony was a grand event witnessed by thousands of devotees from all over the country. As soon as the Temple opened its doors on July 4th, devotees poured in and were immediately awe inspired by its beauty!  The Tan Man Shuddi Pooja was performed on this day to purify devotees and enable to them perform the rituals over the upcoming days with sincere and pure minds.

July 5th:

On this day, the Pushpa Divas day, Poojas were performed to invoke all gods – Ganesh, Shakti, Anugaami Shaktis, Kshetra Paal, Navgraha, and Sankar Bhagavan – and invite them to come and reside in the Radha Krishna Murtis.

July 6th:

On this day, Daanya Divas day,   Shree Radha Krishna were woken up from their bed of flowers with Suprabhatham. The “Radhey Radhey” , “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” chants, and kirtans of Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, reverberated in the temple, as we did Parikrama (circumambulation) with Shree Radha Krishna. The Sarva Devata Havan  evoked deep devotional sentiments in everyone.

July 7th:

On this day, the Grihapravesh started with Kalash Yatra, after inviting all the Holy rivers, with sacred mantras to reside in the Kalash water. Shree Radha Krishna were lovingly bathed with the holy water, milk, yogurt, honey, and sugar, preparing Yugal Sarkar for the grand entry. The devotees were moved to tears watching  the shilpis bring in the Murtis into the temple, and Swamiji perform the Dwar Pooja!

July 8th:

On this day, the Anganyas Pooja  was performed for the deities. This purification Pooja was performed by Shree Swamiji to impart the presence of God in the dieties, and make them divine! He also lovingly performed Laksha Archana to the dieties with Tulsi leaves.

July 9th:

This was the long awaited day of the grand Pran Prathishta ceremony. Thousands of devotees poured in, to witness the deities being infused with a breath of life. As Swamiji and the pandits performed the timeless Vedic rituals to request the Supreme Lord to be established in His deities, all the devotees, gazed lovingly at their beloved Radha Krishna and requested Them to be forever established in both the magnificent temple and the temple of their hearts! When the curtain was unveiled and Shree Radha Krishna gave their very First Darshan to the devotees, there was not a single dry in the prayer hall! Later that afternoon, devotees experienced wave after wave of grace flowing throughout the temple, as they lovingly performed the Abhishek to the divine Murthi of Shree Kripaluji Maharaj!

July 10th:

On this day, Dwajarohan ceremony and Abhishekam  of Utsav Murtis  were performed .This was followed by the Maha Annakootwhere varieties of delicious prasadam prepared with deep loving sentiments were offered to Shree Radha Krishna in the first grand Maha Bhog!

July 11th:

On this day, which was the concluding day, a 12 hour Akhand Kirtan was performed to please the Lord. Devotees were soaked in deep loving sentiments for the divine and experienced a deep sense of bliss!

Evening Programs:

Swamiji’s divine discourse each evening enlightened the audience. The Cultrual Programs and the Presence of All the VIPs at the end of each day was a delight to all! Each day, devotees went home with so much more divine knowledge, grace and deep spiritual experiences,  than they could possibly carry! The Radha Krishna Temple kitchen also known as the Yugal Kunj, ran in full swing on all days, serving delicious and satvik meals to each and every devotee. This tradition of serving Preeti Bhog to devotees is all set to continue each Sunday after the  weekly Satsang by the grace of the divine!

Ongoing Events:

Radha Krishna Temple is indeed God’s loving gift for His devotees!  In continuation of the grand inauguration  ceremony, Radha Krishna Temple has planned many more events. Do not miss the next upcoming event, a special lecture series, “7 Mindsets for Success” by HH Swami Mukundananda. Stay tuned for more details!




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