MahaShivratri : Explore Unchartered Dimensions of Devotion

MahaShivratri : Explore Unchartered Dimensions of Devotion

The Trayodashi or the 13th day of the Krishna Paksha( waning moon) in the Hindu month of Magha is celebrated as Maha Shivaratri or the great night of Lord Shiva. In the present year 2018, this day falls on the 13th of February. MahaShivratri is a night, which is very conducive to become self-contemplative and meditative.

Significance of Maha Shivaratri

There are many beliefs regarding the origin of MahaShivaratri. Some cultures in India believe that Maha Shivaratri is the great night when Lord Shiva drank the poison, Halahal which emanated from the ocean when the Devas and Asuras churned the ocean to obtain the wealth hidden deep inside it.  This symbolizes the divine energry removing all negativities from the depth of one’s mind, when one surrenders to the divine.

Some, believe that this was the night when Lord Shiva and Mother Shakthi were united in an eternal marriage. Yet others, believe that this was the night when the divine couple, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, performed the cosmic blissful dance, the dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution! While the dance of Lord Shiva, known as the Taandav Nritya, has brisk and rigourous movements, Mother Parvati’s dance in response, is known as Laasya, in which the movements are gentle and graceful!

Earning the grace of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is referred to as Bholenath, which means the innocent Lord.  Scriptures describe the great ease with which one can attain His grace. It is said, that His grace is ever abundant and ever ready to engulf us, even if we just pretend to do devotion towards Him! Saints declare that offering a single Bilwa leaf to the Lord with devotion is equivalent to performing a thousand Ashwamedha Yagnas and chanting His divine name with complete surrender just once is enough to redeem us of all our karmas!

MahaShivratri at the Radha Krishna Temple

Radha Krishna Temple is celebrating it’s very first MahaShivratri this year! An atmosphere that is very conducive to express gratitude and deep devotion to the Lord will be created at the temple, for one and all to come and take advantage of. The celebrations will occur on February 13th and February 17th. All devotees will have the opportunity to perform Abhishek to Lord Shiva, who is known as Abhishek Priya.

Come ready to drown in the nectar of soulful bhajans and participate in the powerful chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra that will nourish your heart and soul. Bring your Shivling from home and perform puja with fresh Bilwa leaves! Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to explore unchartered dimensions of your own devotion! Visit our MahaShivratri Event Page  for more details on the timings and activities planned!



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