We Opened Our Gift From God Today

We Opened Our Gift From God Today

The festivities have begun, and we opened our gift from God!

The Supreme Lord is the one and only one who bestows gifts on us, and this temple is one of His loving gifts. When we gathered this morning, to open this magnificent and breathtaking gift from Him , excitement raced in our hearts. It was a momentous occasion, and the journey to this point for all of us at Radha Krishna Temple, has been incredibly cathartic and therapeutic. It has been the most fulfilling and uplifting way to lead the life.

Today, we performed the Tan-Man-Sudhi pooja, taking an oath to discard all the negative thoughts and emotions while getting ready for the Prān Pratiṣṭha. just within a few hours after opening its doors, the temple was overflowing with hundreds of visitors from across the country. They were simply in awe of the beauty and grandeur of the temple.

As their eyes feasted on the beauty of temple, a fresh grand feast prepared in the temple’s very own kitchen, fondly known as Yugal Kunj, satisfied their appetites. However, devotees experienced the most fulfillment when they received the nectar of devotion in the form of a spiritual discourse by Swami Mukundananda ji, who is graciously presiding the event. “ This temple is work of God, the devotees have come to the realization that they haven’t made it, but have become tiny instruments in manifesting Lord’s desire to reveal Himself in the form of Radha Krishna out here in the DFW metroplex,” said Swamiji, welcoming the community to the temple and the festivities.

The evening ended with a delightful cultural program. The temple youth and community music and dance schools performed, expressing their love and devotion to the Supreme Lord.

The celebration will continue until 11 July. Please do not miss this rare occasion! Please see Radha Krishna Temple Inaugural Ceremony for seva opportunities and schedule of the ecstatic, 8-day celebrations.

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