Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas launches Bal-Mukund, special character building program for Children

The Bal Mukund program can be called a “Playground for Vedic Wisdom!” It is an innovative character-building program for children between the ages of 5 and 15, envisioned by Swami Mukundanada Ji that weaves together culture, spirituality, and values in playful and meaningful ways.

The well-thought-out program is designed to engage the children in age-appropriate yet profound ways. The program helps children to instill love for God in their hearts, develop character through KRIPALU values, develop healthy minds and bodies through Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama, learn Hindi and Telugu languages and also to experience and celebrate the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of India.

The Bal Mukund volunteer teachers provide instruction based on a curriculum and following a structured schedule filled with fun. With special warmth, the volunteers model the KRIPALU values. They provide encouragement and nurturing for children and offer a hand in partnership with families.

Bal-Mukund endeavors to:

● Educate young minds in the knowledge of Vedic wisdom, to lead a virtuous life.

● Enthuse the spirit of giving with a service attitude.

● Encourage problem-solving with courage, confidence, and faith.

● Entertain creativity, expand the power of concentration and focus.

● Elevate young minds to higher levels of consciousness, and fill their hearts with love and reverence for God.

Key features of the Bal Mukund Program

  • Character Building Values imparted through fun-filled inspiring stories from Vedic scriptures and the rich literary heritage of India as well as special activities that help children and families bring the values to day-to-day life
  • Yoga and Pranayama specially packaged for children, to develop healthy minds in healthy bodies
  • Customized Guided Meditation for enhancing focus, mental discipline and concentration in children
  • Hindi /Telugu Language Learning helps children learn to read, write & speak with curriculum designed to target individual readiness levels and guide progress over time
  • Shlokas and Prayers to learn, recite, and treasure throughout life to help bal mukunds form a strong spiritual foundation
  • Keertans and Bhajans instill love for God in young hearts
  • Inspiring stories from the lives of great Saints of India provide guidance and motivation
  • Festivals related to the rich spirituality and culture of India
  • Games, Arts and Crafts and a whole lot of fun!!

The KRIPALU Values

The KRIPALU Values  are a set of inspiring principles that are easy to understand and put to practice for children and families. Each month one value is highlighted through meaningful stories and activities. The values also stream throughout the Bal Mukund program in intentional yet natural practices that encourage values-centered living.

An essential ingredient in the spiritual path, children learn how to treat oneself and all others through friendly and considerate ways of speaking and actions     
A natural feature of BM, holding all in high regard, is modeled by volunteer teachers and kids alike
Bal mukunds show integrity through honesty and by participating in positive, constructive ways
Each child has the chance to experience appropriately challenging learning, show determination and to follow through on personal goals throughout the program
Kids who arrive on time and take responsibility learn this quality and may have chances to receive unexpected rewards!
Love for God       
Kids will develop and learn to express their love for God in many ways, including through celebrations such as Janmashtami and Rama Navami
Learn through meaningful stories and examples of the true rewards of being humble and not arrogant

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