Joy & Celebration, Each & Every Day!

Radha Krishna

July 4th is indeed a special day this year for the inauguration of the most awaited Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas starts on this day! Starting with the auspicious Mantap Pooja on the first day, there are various special yagnas on each day like the Kalash Yatra, the Havans, the grand Pran Prathishta and Akhand Kirtans, nothing to be missed out on! Joy and celebration each and every day on all 8 days from July 4th to July 11th!

Watch this enthusiastic invitation to the inaugural ceremony from our volunteers! We are delighted to welcome you to the Radha Krishna Tempe’s inauguration ceremonies starting this 4th of July! Do not miss this joyous occasion! Please see Radha Krishna Temple Inaugural Ceremony for seva opportunities and schedule of the ecstatic, 8-day celebrations.

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