shree ram navami 2016 – celebrations by radha krishna temple of dallas

shree ram navami

In Shree Ramcharitmanas, Saint Tulsidas states that Shree Ram was born on navami tithi (9th day) of the bright half of the month of Chaitra.  At the time of Shree Ram’s birth, the sun was at its meridian and the day was neither hot nor cold. Cool, soft, and fragrant breeze was blowing and the woods were full of  blossoms. While the skies resounded with kettledrums and praises sung by Gods and sages, Shree Ramachandra appeared in the solar dynasty, with moon-like radiance!

On the evening of 16th April 2016,  rain clouds cleared up and the sky looked perfectly blue too, just in time for the devotees of Radha Krishna Temple to celebrate the birth of Shree Ram on Shree Ram Navami. It has been proclaimed repeatedly in various scriptures that the chanting of Taraka mantra (the name of Shree Ram) is the best tool to purify our mind and turn our body into a theertha kshetra (holy place.) We welcomed Shree Ram into our hearts by enthusiastically chanting the Ram naam. It is said that when the Lord goes to any place, all his dearest saints and bhaktas go along with him.  True to this, as we sang the glories of Shree Ram, our hearts felt full of bliss, as if the Lord had entered it with his entire retinue. The rhythmic sound of dholakmanjirajhanj, and ghungroo that accompanied the singers, enhanced our devotional experience manifold. Several devotees began to sway and dance, spontaneously while singing “Jai Siya Ram bolo, Jai Siya Ram…

We watched Swami Mukundananda ji’s video discourse, in which he explained the significance of Ram Navami and the beauty of God’s leelas in human form. The lecture was so interesting that even young kids listened with rapt attention!

We then served Shree Ram, taking turns swinging the deity of baby Ram in his elegantly decorated jhulan, while singing “Jai Raghavendra Sarkar Ki.”  Children took delight in singing “Happy Birthday” and cutting birthday cakes, and offering them to the Lord!

Last but not the least, we had an open mic session, where adults and kids showcased their singing talents by singing the glories of Shree Ram. The arti of Lord Ram and the mahaprasad dinner added to the festivities, leaving everyone waiting for the next celebration!

Finally, announcements of the upcoming summer programs by Radha Krishna Temple such as, International Yoga day event on June 18th  and weeklong Yoga/ Meditation workshop in July, brought many cheers. The announcement of Srimad Bhagavatam Saptah  at Frisco in August doubled everyone’s delight. It seemed as if Lord Ram, pleased with our prayers, turned his sharpest arrow into a sweetest flute and was eager to grace us in the form of Bhagavatam katha very soon!

Radha Krishna Temple is all set to keep the community busy over the summer through various events! See the summer events for further details!