Temple Youth Open Doors For Homeless and Underprivileged Children



Radha Krishna Temple teens opened doors to educational opportunity for homeless and underprivileged youth throughout the DFW Area. Over the past year, temple youth have undertaken a special initiative – Kids Assisting Kids in Education (KAKE) – which aims to provide homeless kids better access to educational resources by distributing free laptops to needy youth.

Initially, Hope Supply Co provided KAKE with laptops to get the project off the ground. KAKE received hundreds of applications for laptops.  Volunteers spent countless hours reaching out to social service agencies, schools, and homeless shelters across the DFW area.  Over the past year, KAKE organized distributions to large groups as well as individual applicants.

Students who do not have access to internet and computers struggle more for grades.  In fact, many parents find it next to impossible to send them to college.  However, the KAKE laptop distribution took what seemed impossible to the families experiencing financial hardships and suddenly turned it into the possible. KAKE opens new doors to youth and families unable to purchase a computer for homework, research, not to mention for applying for scholarships, grants, and college admissions.

Maneesha C, a mother of a laptop recipient shared her experience. “I could hardly hold back the tears when KAKE offered my son a laptop. Despite how hard I work to give him a better life, college has seemed so far out of reach. KAKE gave us hope we truly didn’t have. Their kindness touched our hearts. I really believe this laptop will open the door for him to have the decent chance he deserves for a better future.”

Radha Krishna Temple youth programs like KAKE not only open doors through community service and leadership but they open and touch many a heart too.

If you would like to support or volunteer for temple youth programs, please send an email to info@radhakrishnatemple.net

KAKE Initiative Founders