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Sponsor MahaPrasad or PhalPhool

Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries or any occasion by sponsoring for Sunday MahaPrasad and PhalPhool (Flowers and Fruits)


Temple Landscape Project

Help us transform the landscape of our ever beautiful Radha Krishna Temple into your very own magical spiritual garden of beauty and inspiration.

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Donate Funds for Needed Items & Help Our Temple Operate

Temple Needs List

Funds Req’d One Time Purchase Needs Funds Req’d Regular Recurring Needs
$50 Small Flower Bed Planting $25 Hand Washing Soap
$75 Small Shrub Planting $35 Plastic Trash Bags
$100 Large Flower Bed Planting $50 Mandir – Prasad (Nuts/Dried Fruit)
$100 Fresh Flowers for Special Occasions $50 Fresh Flowers for Altar & Archana
$150 Supply Storage Cabinet $45 Disposable Hand Towels
$150 Large Shrub Planting $50 Toilet Paper
$200 Projector Screen $75 Puja Samagri
$200/ea Dry Erase Whiteboard Stands for Classrooms (2) $75  Large White Boards
$225 Easels (3) $100  Maintenance Supplies
$250 Cabinet for Priest Room $200 Cleaning Supplies
$350 Trash Receptacles $250 Disposable Plates/Cups
$450 White Linen Sheets $250 Craft/Classroom Supplies
$500 Fresh Flower Refrigeration $250 Printer Toner
$600 Projector $300 Office Supplies
$1,000 Security monitoring equipment    
$1,000 Installation security monitoring    
$1,125 each Digital Sign Boards (2)    
$2,500 Folding Training Tables for Classes    
$2,500 Outdoor Patio Furniture – Yugal Kunj    
$2,500 Entrance & Hall Mats    
$5,000 Blinds & Curtains for Windows    
$5,000 Marble Sealing    

Radha Krishna Temple is volunteer run and depends on donations to provide high quality programs to the community. DONATE TODAY. All donations are tax deductible.

Help Bring the Temple to Completion

When we began building the temple, we aspired it to be extraordinary and magnificent. However, never in our wildest dreams had we envisioned the breathtaking, heart-stirring, awe-inspiring Radha Krishna Temple – a gift that the Lord has bestowed upon us!

Since the Radha Krishna Temple opened its doors on 4 July 2017, it has become a second home for many in the DFW metroplex. Its nurturing environment has become a solid platform for children, youth, and adults to learn, grow, and evolve. Within a short time, it has become the nucleus for sharing our talents, devotion, inspiration, and lend a helping hand to one another and those in need in the greater community.

However, the construction at the temple continues, and we request you to sponsor bricks and help bring the beautiful abode of Shree Radha Krishna to completion.

You can sponsor any number of bricks!
Select the number of bricks that you would like to sponsor:


‘Dollar A Day’ – To pledge continuous support!

Donate a Dollar a Day towards the building and upkeep of the Radha Krishna temple! By donating just $1 everyday, you’ll help this noble cause! Set up monthly contributions through Credit Cards/Debit cards using the option on the right or Call 860-605-3685 for help in setting up.

Pledge your support TODAY and help build and maintain a beautiful temple TOMORROW!


Donate – Any Amount

Donate any amount, we appreciate your support.

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