5 Day Consecration Ceremony of Sita Ram Hanuman!

5 Day Consecration Ceremony of Sita Ram Hanuman!

The grand Sita Ram Hanuman Consecration Ceremony started on June 29th. Devotees participated in large numbers to welcome Shree Ram Sita and Hanuman to the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas!

Tan Man Shuddhi Pooja:


The first day began with Tan Man Shuddhi Pooja, performed to purify and enable devotees to complete the rituals over the upcoming days, with sincere and pure mind. Ganesh pooja and Kalash Pooja were also performed in the evening.

Nagar Yatra:


The Rāmcharitmānas States : jo ānand sindhu sukharāsī . God is an ocean of bliss and happiness.” With the mind in union with God, devotees experienced the ineffable and sublime bliss beyond the scope of the senses. They participate in the: joyous Nagar Yātra, Shree Ram Nām Jap Yagna & Homam, and other blissful activities lined up for the day, and experience a perfect communion with the sweet Lord.

Pran Prathishta:


When the Lord manifested in His four-armed form, Mother Kausalya pleaded:

       tajahu tāta yaha rupā

                           Kijai sisulilā ati priyasilā yaha sukha parama anupā ||


“Please give up this form, O Lord, and begin your childish sport, which is so dear to a mother’s heart.

The joy such pastimes bring to me is solely unparalleled.” At her request, the all-pervasive Lord, at His own will, turned into baby Shree Ram and began to cry. Mother Kausalya’s joy knew no bounds as she took Him into her lap. Devotees experienced the same joy and bliss as they witnessed the enchanting deities of Sita Ram being infused with a breath of life, and Vedic rituals being performed requesting the Supreme Lord to be established in His deities at the Prān Pratiṣṭha ceremony, followed by the first Darshan & Maha Aarti.

Rajyabhishekam & Maha Annakoot:


Even a little attempt to serve Shree Ram cleanses our heart and elevates us to a higher platform. Devotees engaged in His service, participated in His grand coronation ceremony, offered delicious Maha bhog, and immersed in Rāmacaritamānas chaupāyī pārāyan.

Akhand Kirtan:


Kīrtan is one of the most powerful means of practicing devotion. The Vedic scriptures extol kīrtan as the simplest and most powerful process of devotion in the present age of Kali.

kalijuga kevala hari guna gāhā, gāvata nara pāvahiṅ bhava thāhā


“In this age of Kali, there is one means of salvation. By engaging in the chanting of the  glories of God, one can cross over this material ocean.”

The 12-hour Akhand Kirtan from 9 am to 9 pm on Day 5 enabled devotees to fix the mind upon God easily and engage all their senses in the divine realm.

Memories for a lifetime!


Devotees from all of the USA attended the spiritually enriching ceremonies and experienced divine bliss which they will carry in their memories forever!






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