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दोउ प्रेम सिंधु सुखधाम, दोउ रूपसिंधु अभिराम । दोउ ब्रजरस सिंधु ललाम, विहरत वृन्दावन धाम ॥

Both Shyama and Shyam are the ocean of Divine love and bliss. Their form is the ocean of Divine beauty and are the ocean of the bliss of Vrindavan,
performing leelas in Vrindavan abode.

About Radha Krishna Temple

Radha Krishna Temple will be a place where you can drink the nectar of love for God, celebrate festivals with the community, practice meditation and yoga, enrich your children with rich Vedic culture, or simply relax and enjoy the spiritual environment with your family.

Help manifest this beautiful dwelling of Radha Krishna! Receive the blessings of God by participating in this noble mission!

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Latest Updates

The construction of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas has begun in full swing. In this past week, work began on construction for the foundation of the temple building. Swami Mukundananda visited the construction site with local devotees. We are excited to share these photos with you, and will keep you updated of the future progress.

For details: 469-524-8887 or info@radhakrishnatemple.net