Inaugural Ceremony – An Invitation to Experience Bliss

Inaugural Ceremony – An Invitation to Experience Bliss

The construction of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas is on the verge of completion and it is opening its doors in July, with a grand inaugural ceremony. Such a joyous occasion, to partake in the prānpratiṣṭha and Kumbhābishekam of a temple for Shree Radha Krishna, does not come by every day. Devotees have waited patiently for the last few years for this divine event. Brick by brick, this abode has taken shape, and now, ready to embrace lovingly all those who arrive at its doorstep.

Here is an endearing invitation from the depths of a devotee’s heart, to the eight-day, inaugural ceremony.

We warmly welcome you to participate in the Radha Krishna prānpratiṣṭha, homam, Kumbhābishekam, and other poojas that are set to take place from July 4 to July 11.  Enrich your minds with spiritual discourses by Swami Mukundanda ji and drench your spirit in soulful kirtans and devotional ceremonies on all 8 days!

Please see Radha Krishna Temple Inaugural Ceremony for seva opportunities and schedule of the ecstatic, 8-day celebrations.

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